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72% of companies believe the e-learning helps them maximise their competitive edge

We live in times of rapid change and dispersed workforces. In order to be agile and respond to planned and unexpected changes quickly organisations need to be able to access flexible, digital learning paths that can rolled out quickly but that deliver quality, consistent training.

We are breaking the mould of lecture based webinars by offering a variety of online training options for your employees and teams

Live Online Webinars

1- hour,virtual instructor led sessions utilising chat, polling and whiteboard tools

Fast paced, interactive

Participants engage through interactive tools addressing outcomes and ‘How-to’s’

Live Online Workshops


1- 3 hour virtual instructor led sessions utilising chat and voice interaction, white board tools, polling and break out rooms

Skills development with emphasis on relevant business examples and collaboration

Individualised coaching from the trainer and ongoing feedback from participants

Break out rooms: Participants are given the chance to put skills and new processes to practice in small groups

Live Online Seminars


Includes all workshop features

Two to six sessions usually held on the same day over consecutive weeks

Deep-dive skills development bootcamps with empahasis on business examples and collaboration

Customised Solutions

Just like our in-person training, we can offer bespoke online training solutions to meet your individual needs and budget

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